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I grew up in Karachi, Pakistan with a population of over 15 million. In this urban metropolis, storytelling was iconography on public buses.

Zahra Ali, Artist

Zahra Ali

Zahra Ali

Painting to me is solving puzzles of my brain, I want to be able to portray the people, events, and colors that have inspired me.


Art has been around me all my life. As a seamstress, my mom had me tracing designs on clothes since I was 3 years old. Growing up in Pakistan, busses showcase ancestral origins with lines of poetry interwoven with ethnic iconography.

As an adult, my formal art education began at Texas State University, San Marcos. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a specialty in painting.  Since then I have spent a decade working on commissioned artwork on walls, floors, and ceilings. This trade has allowed me to develop and share my skills as an artist, while also working on my own collection of dozens of acrylic and ink on canvas paintings.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement: I am my own muse. "Creating is a necessity; motivation is to impress myself." I paint to solve the puzzles of my brain, giving me a sense of power and control over the world around me—an understanding I acquired at an early age. The amalgamation of cultural experiences has compelled layers and colors in my work.


Storytelling in art, particularly through buses, was a significant part of my upbringing. After completing my BFA from Texas State, my journey led me to Houston, where I actively engaged in the field as an artist.


I paint because I cannot write, choosing to express myself through visual mediums. Consequently, I strive to create works that reveal the world through my eyes, showcasing my preferences and aversions. My art fluctuates between celebrating life and unveiling its darker facets, employing color, lines, and shapes to articulate a language that transcends the limitations of written expression.

Professional Career


Zahra Ali Art

Jan 2006 - Present

I paint to express. I try to create pieces that show the world through my lens; my likes and dislikes. There are times where life is celebrated, and at times I show life’s dark side with a hint of color.

Art Director

Jan 2021 - Present

Indus Arts Council promotes awareness of Pakistani arts and culture in the U.S. through Urdu language classes, cultural events, films, and theatre. We collaborate with teachers, visual and performing artists in the U.S. and Pakistan to share and broaden the lens of societal expression. As Naksh Program Art Director, I develop the curriculum for teaching art that creates a cultural exchange between the diverse communities in Houston and, later, nationwide in the U.S.

Resident Artist | Gallerist

Oct 2018 - Present

Besides displaying my Art I get studio space to work on creating new pieces, it is an opportunity for me to share space, work together with other Houston-based artists and to get feed back about my work and the gallery's visitors get to enjoy the new Art. You can Vist us at 1305 Sterrett St, Houston, TX 77002.

Faux Finish Artist

Hannon Design

Feb 2012 - Present

Faux finish, example bricks, marbling, glazing, sky, stenciling, metallic and more

Art Therapy | Instructor

Oct 2018 - Present

I do online and on-location creation of art/painting. Specially made painting for your event that will be unique, limited edition exclusive in my style.

Faux Finish Artist

PD Designs

May 2018 - Jun 2018

Painted 2000 Sq ft of floor at a ranch house in Bellville, TX . Got a chance to work again with my mentor Chris Pearson well renowned NY-based faux finish artist after our first project in 2008. Interior Designer for the project was another famous New Yorker Miles Red

Project Article:

Project Article:

Segreto Finishes

Nov 2018 - Mar 2020

Decorative and faux finish painting on walls, ceiling, and floors. Restore and refinish furniture, for Example; stenciling, texturing, designs, marbling, and plaster.

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