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Zahra Ali

I am my own muse. "Creating is a necessity; motivation is to impress myself." 

I paint to solve the puzzles of my brain, giving me a sense of power and control over the world around me—an understanding I acquired at an early age. The amalgamation of cultural experiences has compelled layers and colors in my work.

Storytelling in art, particularly through buses, was a significant part of my upbringing. After completing my BFA from Texas State, my journey led me to Houston, where I actively engaged in the field as an artist.

I paint because I cannot write, choosing to express myself through visual mediums. Consequently, I strive to create works that reveal the world through my eyes, showcasing my preferences and aversions. My art fluctuates between celebrating life and unveiling its darker facets, employing color, lines, and shapes to articulate a language that transcends the limitations of written expression.

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Offering virtual painting class to learn how to tap into your senses and discover how art can be used for therapy and personal growth. I have been working artist for 15 yrs and have yrs of experience in adult painting classes. This would be personal session package of 4 classes  60 min each. Paints and canvas included in package. 

Please email me if interested to discuss further details.


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